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Updated 5/24/2021

The General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter the Conditions of Use) establish the relationship between Internet users (hereinafter, the user or users) within a computer program installed on the computer of the user, called Nexus clips (hereinafter the SOFTWARE), and the mobile application with the same name (hereinafter APP) and NEXUS LIVE, SL (NEXUS), a company established in C / Roc Codó 10 Sant Cugat of the Vallès (08174), Barcelona, ​​email contact with hello@nexusclips.com and CIF B67560854, and entered in the register Mercantile Barcelona to the volume 47163, page 166, page B-543244.

These Conditions of Use shall apply jointly with the Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy NEXUS and any other document regulating aspects of the software and APP without one prevails over the other.

Software and APP are / mobile user participation in relation to video games and electronic sports, where users, among other things, computer programs can create a player profile, and record the items or fragments items (hereinafter CLIPS) in the software and then share them with other users or brands partner of NEXUS in APP (hereinafter MARCHES) in exchange for economic advantages in brand products, which allows NEXUS include publicize data from the hardware of Users.


Registration by Users APP software and can be performed from the APP itself or from the web www.nexusclips.com, and is subject to prior express acceptance of all conditions current use at all times. If someone does not agree with the content or part of the content of these Terms of use may not be registered in the Software or APP unable to access or use the services and products that it is offer. the user must carefully read these Terms of Use whenever you access or use any services through software or APP, as they could be changed.

NEXUS reserves the right to refuse at any time, without prior notice and without compensation, access to software and APP to those users who violate these Terms of Use or any other Policies NEXUS. If NEXUS has reasonable grounds to understand that there has been a use violates these Terms of use, you shall be authorized to remove the offending user profile.

Conditions of Use included herein are applicable to all forms of access that are made to the software and APP, including the Internet, via mobile or any other device.

User declares to be of age and / or have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by the Terms of Use. It also accepts expressly and without exception that access and use of the software and APP of its services and contents takes place under their sole responsibility. for Users minors, ensuring that consent is given under the supervision and authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives. If an indicated user who minor is completing a process of parental approval in advance for access to the software and APP is required.

These Terms of Use do not exclude the possibility that certain services or utilities offered through software and APP are subject to special conditions or third parties, which in any case may be consulted by the user before activation and recruitment.

Access to software and APP is free and both access and access to services and content provided therein are subject to prior registration and acceptance of these Terms of Use.

NEXUS reserves the right to make unannounced changes and modifications it deems appropriate software and APP and these Terms of Use..

Using software and APP requires that the software can detect NEXUS hardware type, graphics card, mouse, keyboard and other physical items that the user uses in order to insert into the software and APP advertising or advertisements that may be of interest to the user based on the items that are detected. .

NEXUS not access personal data of users by installing SOFTWARE, unless NEXUS ask the user's express consent for this and your acceptance grant it previously indicating what personal data access is requested, for what purposes and other requirements under the law. .


NEXUS concedes a free, non-transferable, indefinite (ie not expired) license for personal use, worldwide, non-exclusive on the software to the install user a single copy of the software on your computer and / or mobile device on the current version of the software for the use of APP. .

Therefore, the software is used in conjunction with the app, but the user can not make full or partial reproduction, public distribution or translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other transformation SOFTWARE (including error correction), in part or in whole, or conducting successive versions of the programs graduates without prior authorization from NEXUS, nor can install the software on another computer, computer or mobile device other than that of the user or other mobile applications. this is meant with the exception of those uses and / or uses which are themselves expressly permitted by NEXUS. therefore, the user acquires only the right to use the software on your computer, computer or mobile device owned and under no circumstances this license involves the transfer of intellectual property rights on software, so the user may not proceed with distribution, sale, rental, loan and / or any other transfer of use to third parties or may perform alteration, manipulation, disassembly, decompilation and / or modification of the software by reverse engineering, or through any other media without the express written permission of NEXUS.

NEXUS is original owner of all intellectual property rights of the Software (including user manuals, technical specifications, algorithms, source code and object code) that remain the property of NEXUS.


Notwithstanding the provisions of these Terms of Use, NEXUS liable for any nonconformity or defect in the Software within within two (2) years from the date on which the software was installed.


NEXUS will provide updates and fixes in the current version of the software for normal operation of the software, but NEXUS is not obligated to provide updates or software support. In the event that NEXUS, at its sole discretion, provide updates SOFTWARE, you agree that NEXUS can terminate such updates at any time and for any reason.


When the user registers by completing the Registration Form APP or software, acknowledges having been informed of the content of the Terms of Use and expressly states that accept them. Once the user has provided their data, NEXUS send an e-mail to the email provided by the user to enable it to determine your user profile and password. therefore, the guarantee user data that provides NEXUS are true and correct. if you have provided false data or inaccurate, NEXUS reserves the right to prohibit access to the software and / or APP.

Users will be responsible for the custody and confidentiality of any password and agree not to transfer their use to third parties or to allow access to outsiders. It is the responsibility of the user's illegal use of software and / or tHE APP by any third illegitimate use a password due to careless use or loss thereof by the User.

User is obliged to immediately notify a NEXUS any act that involves the misuse of passwords, such as loss or unauthorized access in order to proceed to immediate cancellation. While not communicate such facts, NEXUS is exempted from any liability arising from such abuse of passwords by third unauthorized use.


Users, once registered, will have a profile in the private area of ​​software and APP, offering various forms of entertainment and information

  • Participate in tournaments.
  • Create and manage teams that participate in tournaments.
  • Record videos and share them with other users and brands to gain economic advantages and sending brand products..
  • Share videos with other users and see videos shared with other users..

By using software and APP by the user, and recording the games or game fragments game in which it participates, it can optimize the quality of these recordings to qualify for obtaining better products MARKS. .

We also offer users the ability to generate revenue by inserting brand advertising on content and videos that record with software and share in PfP, which will be greater the more views of that content the user has. .

The guarantee user that the activities carried out with the software and APP shall conform to the law, morality, public order, good manners, pledging that in no case be offensive and / or harmful to NEXUS, the users of the software and APP and / or any third party. NEXUS able to track, monitor, control, censor and, sanction case (eg, by expelling the user software and APP) those behaviors and comments that contravene the law, morality, public order, morals, that is offensive or harmful to users or third parties or NEXUS believe are contrary to the spirit of community and collaboration that aims to promote through the software and APP. .

Also, users understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the comments and / or references that you can make in your profile or other users, blogs or forums, as well as messages to exchange with other Users keeping harmless NEXUS and guarantee NEXUS who hold permits, titles and authorizations of all rights of Intellectual Property and on the content they can share APP and authorization holders data Personal character and / or images or other content that may be included in such content. .


NEXUS can make promotions, offers and competitions which will apply their own bases, additional terms and conditions that NEXUS will make available to users before enrolling in these promotions, offers and / or competitions..

If a user wants to participate in a promotion, offer or contest, you must read and be in accordance with the rules, terms and conditions thereof..

Likewise, promotions, contests and offers on products of software and APP have their own economic terms that will be available to users before they are hired..

competitions, offers and promotions available to users shall be valid until the date indicated for them and, where appropriate, individually on the products listed, without being applicable to other products or services offered on the Software and THE APP. .

Code Retrieval

NEXUS users will provide promotional codes that allow users to different games on websites where this is possible..

Downloading games using codes provided by NEXUS shall be governed by their own terms and conditions provided in the respective websites, keeping undamaged People NEXUS any responsibility for the use thereof..

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

Once accepted these Terms of Use, understand the Users and accept that when the service has been fully executed and when the performance has begun and for items or products custom no right of withdrawal under the established in Article 103 letter m) of Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users.


Users guarantee NEXUS that the information provided is true and correct, you have the legal capacity, consents and approvals necessary for acceptance of these Terms of Use, and to make the climb to the APP its contents and recording them in the software. NEXUS informs users that can check the data and information provided to verify your identity.

Users guarantee NEXUS and are obligated to all the information in your profile is accurate, true and complete, so they are liable to third parties the information provided to NEXUS.

Users and agree that NEXUS is the owner or assignee of all rights of Intellectual Property of the elements and content of software and APP. Therefore, all videos, images, photographs, databases , designs, trademarks, emblems, distinctive signs and / or logos of NEXUS and / or software and APP, banners, software and its different codes, source and object, manuals, technical information and / or any other elements or works of software and APP are owned by NEXUS, which is the holder or transferee of the rights of exploitation of Intellectual Property on them.

Users guarantee that will not commit acts and / or execute actions aimed at breaking the TPMs and anti-piracy NEXUS it had implemented in software and APP, understood as those processes, techniques, devices, components, or combination thereof, whose function is to control, prevent or restrict access to or use of the elements and / or content of the software and APP. otherwise, NEXUS shall immediately terminate the relationship with the offender User, as it may take appropriate legal action.

Users and accept that they are solely responsible for the comments and / or allusions that can be made in software and APP, as well as communications and information to exchange with other users and guarantee NEXUS who hold the permits, titles and authorizations of all rights in and to the content sharing in PfP as well as the authorization of the holders of personal data and / or images that may be included in such content. character

Also, all users expressly guarantee that all comments and content they shared in APP and / or CLIPS not infringe exclusive third party of any kind, nor infringe the right to honor, privacy or the image of people or any third party and are solely responsible, with complete indemnity to NEXUS, of any claim (judicial or extrajudicial) that arise or may arise. Similarly, users undertake that none of the contents used contains prohibited items, such as viruses or spam, or links to them.

Users guarantee NEXUS and are bound by these Terms of Use, Legal Notice and Privacy Policy and Cookies NEXUS, respecting the public interest, the law and the requirements of good faith.


NEXUS not be liable for those obligations and / or rights that had been acquired by the relationship established between users or third parties, it will be the users themselves are responsible for compliance with the commitments made and acquired for this purpose. In particular , NEXUS is not responsible for the breach, in whole or in part, of any failure on the relationship established between users and / or other third parties.

NEXUS has no obligation and does not control the use that Users of the software or APP, its content and services offered. Thus, NEXUS does not guarantee that users use the Software or APP, its contents and services offered in accordance with these Terms of Use, or to do so in a diligent and prudent. .

NEXUS has the right to temporarily and without notice suspend access to the Software and APP, such as in the case of need urgently for maintenance of the software and APP or for reasons of security software and APP, and to reserve the right to provide or cancel services or software and APP permanently, trying to put previously inform the users, whenever circumstances permit. .

NEXUS has the right but not the obligation, to oppose and / or delete any content or comments Users who violates these Terms of Use and any of its policies, from the moment it becomes aware and to deny or terminate access to the software and APP to any person or entity at the discretion of NEXUS. therefore, NEXUS offers users and third parties a system of unilateral denunciation by that they notify NEXUS any violation of these Terms of Use and Policy at the following address:. hello@nexusclips.com .


These Conditions of Use constitute the entire agreement between NEXUS and the User regarding the subject of this document and can only be modified by a written correction signed by an authorized person of NEXUS or through the publication of a revised version by NEXUS. .

If any provision of these Terms of Use be wholly or partially invalid or ineffective declared affect only that provision or part thereof that is invalid or ineffective, subsisting on everything else the rest of the Terms and Conditions such provision or part thereof that is not affected by start unless, as being essential to these Terms of Use, should therefore affect comprehensively. .

Users may terminate the profile at any time, without prejudice to those who have acquired obligations, communicating its decision to NEXUS at the following address:. hello@nexusclips.com's low profile will entail the closure of the Profile and It does not entitle the user to compensation. .

NEXUS can offer the user the Terms of Use of the software and APP in Spanish and English. However, before any dispute on the application or interpretation of the Terms of Use, will always prevail Spanish version of any other..

Conditions of Use shall be effective from the moment the user to verify your User Profile indefinitely or until the user derecognised your profile or, for any reason, software or APP be closed..

Ni NEXUS nor be responsible or noncompliant users of these Conditions of Use in the event of delay or failure thereof by force majeure, in the cases specified in the legislation..

Users may not assign, in whole or in part, neither onerous nor free, rights or obligations in these Conditions of Use. If this prohibition is violated, NEXUS may cancel the profile the user, without prejudice to its right to exercise legal proceedings, which proceed if any damages that may be created as a result. .


These Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and Cookies and / or Legal Notice NEXUS, and any relationship between users and NEXUS are governed by Spanish law. In case of conflict in the application or interpretation of these documents, the parties submit to the Courts of Sant Cugat of the Vallès. .

Notwithstanding the above, when the user is considered consumer may claim their rights as such in relation to the Legal Notice, Privacy Policy and Cookies and / or Terms of Use NEXUS both in Spain and in its Member State of residence in the European Union. in accordance with the provisions of Article 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013, NEXUS informs you of the existence of a resolution platform extrajudicial dispute made available online by the European Commission, available at:. http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr and through which consumers can submit their claims .

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